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Yan Oi Tong Sunshine Program


Yan Oi Tong Sunshine Program



Objectives: Since its launch in Jul 2013, the program has always been aiming to assist the members of the single-parent families to adapt changes in the daily life. It focuses on the assistance over the areas of daily expenses, children’s  learning and  career development in the hope of releasing their pressure.

Target Group: Parents and children from the single-parent family.


Service Details and Eligibility:

Items Details Eligibility
Financial Assistance for Tutorial Service Fee Children from single-parent families will benefit from the opportunity for improving their learning conditions with the subsidies for private tutorial service or after-school care program. Students studying P1-S3 in any day-time schools with financial difficulties, and the performance in Chinese, English and Mathematics are below average.



New Territories:
Yan Oi Tong Siu Cheng Suk Ching Community Support Centre
Address: Room 211-217, Podium 2, Bik Shui House, Shui Pin Wai Estate, Yuen Long
Tel. No.: 2479 3123
Fax No.: 2479 3126

Yan Oi Tong Yuen Yuen Institute Community Support Centre
Address: Room 106-107, Fung Tak Estate Community Centre, Diamond Hill, Kowloon
Tel. No.: 2320 4007
Fax No.: 2320 4004

HSBC Yan Oi Tong Community Support Centre
Address: No. 7, Muk Lun Street, Wong Tai Shin, Kowloon
Tel. No.: 2326 3339
Fax No.: 2326 3779

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