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Case Sharing

An elder with difficulty in walking to walk again with the help of the Fund

Case (1) 86-year-old Ms. Leung

Ms. Leung has lived in a care and attention home for 16 years and has been relying on the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance  payment for living. After deducting the hospital fee every month, she  has only less  than HK$2000 for living.

Since April 2007, Ms. Leung has had to go to Yuen Long Jockey Club Outpatient Clinic for frequent follow-up visits to wash  the affected area for three or four times a week due to serious foot problems caused by vascular abnormalities. She spent nearly HK$100 for accompanying services and transportation fee per visit, resulting in expenses of HK$300-400 per week.

She was  hopeless, but then she was lucky to be subsidised  for accompanying services by the Fund, which relieved her financial burden. After the treatment for more than three months, Ms. Leung has gradually recovered and is able to leave her wheelchair now. She can now go shopping on her own and live a free life.

An elder living in temporary place hopes to have a comfortable home

Case (2) 90-year-old Ms. Man

Ms. Man, who suffers from amblyopia, was originally living alone in a rented room of a private building. As she had financial difficulties and was unable to renew her lease after the expiration date, she was arranged to stay in a corner of the living room in the flat temporarily, so that the flat owner could continue to rent the room to the public.

Ms. Man’s daughter tried to seek help from the Fund. Through emergency funding, the Fund extended the lease of Ms. Man’s flat for a few weeks which gave her a buffer  time for her daughter to plan for Ms. Man’s future life.

Miss Man was assigned a public rental housing flat for single elderly households afterwards. Considering the age of  Ms. Man and how she suffered  from amblyopia, she  was unable to go out alone, so her daughter applied to the Fund to purchase an air conditioner in order to make Ms. Man’s life more easier. Now, Ms. Man has finally been able to have her own residence and her daughter is deeply grateful for the help of Yan Oi Tong’s Fund.