Charity Fund & Schemes
Case Sharing

Case (1) Filial Son saves his mother from the fire and receives an emergency funding.

In the home fire, Wong Kwan Yan ignored his own safety, rushed into the fire and saved his mother. His home was destroyed completely, all the clothing and furniture were burnt from the fire. The reconstruction of the squatter is impossible and the future of the family is full with mist. According to Wong Kwan Yan, their family of three lived in an iron house with two floors, while his mother lived right next to his house. Wong and his wife was under-privileged  by working as cleaners and collecting newspapers and aluminium cans. The ruthless fire caused Wong and his family suffer from financial hardships.
In view of the situation, we  planned to allocate  HK$20,000 to Wong so that they could buy necessaries. After the fire, Chairperson Au Suet Ming and Vice Chairperson Ng Ming Chun from the Board of Directors of Yan Oi Tong visited Wong’s home directly to understand the situation and express their concerns to them.

Case (2) Good father died in a  car accident, our plan helped his wife and daughter to cope with problems.
Li Kwok Kan, who was a security guard and his wife have a 16-year-old daughter called Ching Ching, who suffered from cerebral palsy. They had a simple and happy life. However, one night in September 2009, in order to save a few dollars, he accepted the free ride provided by his colleagues which turned into a tragedy later. Since then, Li and his family were separated forever. Mrs Li lost her husband and Ching Ching lost her good father overnight which made them very sad. The future  was unclear, Mrs Li hugged Ching Ching and felt helpless. Fortunately, our plan provided HK$20,000 to Mrs Li and help her addressing their pressing needs. “At this moment, I feel the warmth among people and have increased by confident to overcome the difficulties that we may face in the future.” said Mrs Li. 
Case (3) Survived from the car accident, Yung moved ahead to the road to recovery as our plan.

During the time that near the Chinese New Year in 2010, a serious car accident occurred at  Sheung Shui Ho Sheung Heung Road. Though Yung, who was only four years old survived from the accident, his mother died as she blocked the car for Yung. Yung’s father, who suffered from the pain of losing his wife, needed to stop working  and to taking  care of Yung who suffered from serious damage at the same time. Yung’s father was physically and mentally exhausted while they were meeting a financial hardship. In view of this, our plan provided an emergency fund to Yung’s family to help them tide over the hardships.

In New Year, our vice chairman of Board of Directors Mrs Chan Cheng Yuk Yi  went to the hospital directly to visit Yung. Apart from red pocket and toys, they made that young and brave child who had suffered from a great change feel the love and care among people.