Deleted-“Love Our Family” Talent Competition for Primary Schools cum “Loving Kids” Children Drama


Hong Kong Education (International) Investment Limited presents:
“Love Our Family” Talent Competition for Primary Schools cum “Loving Kids” Children Drama


 1. Background:

In the past few years, Yan Oi Tong and "Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling-ling Education Fund" (“the Fund”) have been working hard to support secondary school students from grass-roots families, and aim to extend the beneficiary sectors to all primary students, so as to match Yan Oi Tong and the Fund’s aim of providing “consistent, diversified, qualified” education services  and  “achieving whole-person development”.

2. Objectives:

  1. To enhance children’s collaborative performance skills and 3 major common abilities, including creativity, communication and collaboration (“3C”) through talent competitions and drama trainings.
  2. To assist in achieving the Education Bureau’s education objectives of developing students’“nine types of generic skills”. In addition to the 3C, the event focuses on developing multiple talents and potentials of students, including the linguistic intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and naturalist intelligence, etc.
  3. To tie in with the Education Bureau’s Key Learning Stage 2 “Family Domain” of the latest revised Moral and Civic Education Curriculum Guide. With  “loving and caring for the family” as a core, the event cultivates primary students the positive values of “ filial piety” and “respect” as to encourage primary students to share their life experience with family and be actively concerned about the needs and feelings of family. Thereby, injecting positive energy into society; 
  4. To foster social cohesion and supporting the Family Council to promote family core values and the culture of loving families.
  5. To provide scholarships for continuously enhancing students' performing arts knowledge and skills, so as to search out talents in the performing arts and cultural fields of Hong Kong.

 3. Partners:

  1. Organisers: Yan Oi Tong, "Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling-ling Education Fund", Hong Kong Education Bureau
  2. Co-organisers: Puzzle Animation Studio Ltd., Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association, Hong Kong Subsidized Primary Schools Council and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
  3. Title sponsorship: Hong Kong Education (International) Investment Ltd.
  4. Exclusive online partner: Yahoo! Hong Kong
  5. Venue sponsorship: Citywalk 2
  6. Media Partners: Campus Channel of Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Ltd., Sing Tao Daily

4. Deadline for application: 25/11/2013

5. Awards:

  1. First Stage “Preliminary Round: Professional Accreditation”: Each participant will receive a certificates of commendation.
  2. Second Stage “Penultimate Round: Talent Competition and Online Public Voting”:
    -Each finalist will obtain HK$200 book coupons;
    -Best Cheerleading school award:
    - Winner will receive HK$3000 book coupons
    - 1st Runner-up will receive HK$1500 book coupons
    - 2nd Runner-up will receive HK$500 book coupons
    -Best Performance Award
    -Best Creative Performance Award
    -Best Stage Style Award etc.
  3. Third Stage: “Loving Kids” Drama:
    -Greatest Participation Award
    -Best Performer Award
    -Rising Star Award
    -Each finalist will receive HK$10,000 talent development grant for diversity learning purposes.

6. Finalist notification (will be published on the website of Yan Oi Tong at and Sing Tao Daily)

  1. Finalists of the second stage : 02/12/2013;
  2. Finalists of the third stage: 23/12/2103;
    (In case of any dispute ,the decision of  Yan Oi Tong shall be final)

Competition Details

Competition Registration Form (Simplified Version)
 Theme song of Programme:
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1. Abridged instrumental version 

2. Abridged karaoke cut version

3. Lyrics and music sheet