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  1.  Preface
    Are your kids good at memorizing things? Do they have good imagination? Are they like to ask why? If so, they might be gifted children with outstanding intelligence. According to educational magazine, “If children have two different learning attributes, parents need to double their effort to develop children’s potential.” Dr. Glenn Doman, an expert in American human potential achievement pointed out that, “Cleverness and stupidity are products of the environment, and the key is whether human potential could be acquired.” Therefore, choosing the most suitable education centre with the most effective and target-oriented teaching approaches is the most important action. Yan Oi Tong Education Centre is absolutely the wise choice for you.
  2. Vision

    Our centre advocates "Great kids · Strong Mind", and takes whole-person development as our vision. Our mission is to promote education and nurture youngsters, and with such spirit, we nurture “Future Teens” that possess four of the following attributes: Ability, Autonomy, Confidence and Good Learning Habit.

  3. Objective

    Yan Oi Tong Education Centre provides a unique one-stop whole person development education centre for children aged between 2 to 11 years. Our professional teaching team has over 10 years of experience. Based on Great Kid Strong Mind, our centre have designed the concept of "COIL MAP" with seven kinds of abilities, including :
    1. Power of Communication
    2. Power of Observative Power
    3. Power of Imaginative Power
    4. Logical Thinking
    5. Memorization
    6. Attention
    7. Partcipative Sensation
    Our centre also provides diversified preschool, gifted and enhanced programmes, continuous optimisation potential courses according to the characteristics of brain development in different ages.
  4. Admission
    Please download the application form and mail with a cheque (payable to “Yan Oi Tong”) to “Room 603, 6/F, Yan Oi Tong Madam Lau Wong Fat Primary School (ATTN: Mr. Yuen, Director)”. The receipt will be returned upon receipt.

    Tel for Enquiries: 2466 0122
    Fax: 2466 0082