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Chairman Speech

United for Goodness

I have joined the Yan Oi Tong family since 2006. For more than a decade, I have been very fortunate to have met many compassionate, dedicated people who never expect any rewards while doing so much for society. It also made me realize at a deeper level that when it comes to community service, what matters most is to always work together in a spirit of unity.

The Chinese word “Unity” has a profound meaning. The inside portion of the character is “Profession” which symbolizes the expertise and the experience of our new board of directors, which is composed of members from all walks of life. With their professionalism, the strong foundation built by our predecessors, the active support of the government and others contributors, the generous sponsorship of our committed supporters, as well as the selfless enthusiasm of the Yan Oi Tong team, I am certain we will perform very well in the coming year.

This year, I am honored to take over from our Chairman, Dr LO Tai Chin, Louisa. Although I have a long way to go to meet the standards she has set for all of us, I promise serve with benevolence and to try my best. “United for Goodness” and inspired by an enterprising and innovative spirit, we shall gather all our strength and resources and work together with our new directors to build a better society.


Improving Executive Functions for Grassroots Students

I am certain everyone here agrees that educating a child is not an easy task, let alone one that suffers from Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The fears and pressures parents face are plain to see.

In order to improve the executive function of children with ADHD, to enhance parents' awareness and disciplinary skills, as well as to foster better parent-child communication, Yan Oi Tong is planning to implement the “Executive Function Training Program for ADHD Children and Parent” project. It will be supported by “Yan Oi Tong Mrs Shi Lop Tak Youth & Children Medical Foundation”, which has been established to cater for the medical and pharmacological needs of special needs children and adolescents.

Since the executive function of children with ADHD is weaker than the average, they tend to be more impulsive and emotional while having a poorer memory than other children. Adopting a parent participation model featuring free training courses for grassroots families with ADHD children, the project aims to teach parents activities they could do that would help enhance their children’s concentration, self-control, emotional management and organizational skills, and also alleviate the difficulties, academic anxieties and management pressures parents face daily. The project will also provide free seminars to schools, during which experienced social workers will share further knowledge about executive function. Not only would these parent-child activities help improve relationships; they will also give parents a chance to get to know other families dealing with the same issues.

Cure Gastrocnemius Muscle Cramping at Night

Improving the Lives of the Elderly

Committed to promoting the development of "Evidence-based Chinese Medicine", Yan Oi Tong actively participates in various types of Chinese medicine research projects. A recent survey completed with 500 people living in our elderly centres shows that nearly 90% respondents suffer from calf cramps, especially at night, which seriously affect the health and sleep quality of elderly people. We have thus invited CUHK Faculty of Medicine’s Integrated Medicine Research Centre and the Tuen Mun Hospital’s Department of Medicine and Geriatrics to jointly study the effectiveness of “White Peony Root - Liquorice Root Soup” as a possible treatment of gastrocnemius muscle cramping at night. Yan Oi Tong plans to recruit 30 patients between the ages of 60 and 80 from our elderly centres for a 28-day treatment course, which is expected to constitute a safe, effective treatment with few side effects. The empirical data generated by the study will also greatly benefit the academic community and the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

Capped Immunotherapy Funding Program

Reducing the Economic Burden of Underprivileged Cancer Patients

Immunotherapy is a new trend in the treatment of cancer, yet it is expensive, with drug treatments costing between HK$20,000 to 60,000 per month. Although the Hospital Authority has already approved some types of immunotherapy drugs to be included in the self-funded drug list, yet neither the Samaritan Fund nor the Community Care Fund are able to fully cover the funding of these drugs. Aimed at improving the well-being and survival rates of poor cancer patients, “Yan Oi Tong Chong Suk Un Medical Fund (Cancer Aid)” is setting up a "Capped-Subsidy Program for Immunity Therapy" for eligible patients, where a cash grant of HK$400,000 will be paid up front to cover initial treatments, with the rest of the treatment to be sponsored by committed pharmaceuticals until the treatment is no longer viable. The Scheme aims to help young people, especially those supporting families, to reduce their financial burden and improve quality of life.

Cancer Patients Medical and Rehabilitation Supplies Funding Scheme

Taking Care of Patients’ Bodies and Minds

Comprehensive care of the physical and mental needs of patient during the cancer treatment period is one of the main tenets of “Yan Oi Tong Chong Suk Un Medical Fund (Cancer Aid)”, which donated HK$850,000 to Tuen Mun Hospital to implement two projects under its Cancer Patients Medical Devices Special Funding Program. The first is the nutritional drinks subsidy scheme, which aims to help patients suffering from neck, intestinal and hepatobiliary cancers. For the second project, we plan to upgrade the facilities at the Integrated Chemotherapy and Day Care Centre by adding electric beds, lockers, electric chairs, chair pillows and TV sets to add comfort and enhance the environment.

Kwai Tsing Chinese Medicine Centre

Optimizing Medical Services

Committed to our mission of “Supporting the Disadvantaged and the Sick”, Yan Oi Tong has been providing safe, reliable, high quality and low-cost medical services to the people of Hong Kong for many years. We operate mobile and outreach medical units in nearly 60 locations. We are also planning to launch our 7th Chinese Medicine Centre to provide professional Chinese medicine and acupuncture services to residents of the Kwai Tsing district.

Yan Oi Tong "Education Train" Joint School Education Exhibition

Showcasing our School’s Educational Achievements

Yan Oi Tong runs 10 kindergartens, 2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools that provide comprehensive and diversified educational services for children in different districts. To enhance the public's understanding of Yan Oi Tong's educational philosophy and education services, we have organized an "Education Train" exhibition to showcase our educational achievements.

The exhibition will be divided into four train sections: "YOT Education Service", "Kindergarten Education", "Primary Education" and "Secondary Education". School models will be displayed to explain the evolution of each school. Heritage Memory Cards are also used to chronicle the school's development via important milestones. The art works of students and alumni will be shown, while digital technology, such as electronic touch screens and interactive VR devices, will be deployed to guide visitors through their explorations.

Evidence-Based "3C" Kindergarten Curriculum

Strengthening Parent Training and Teacher Learning

In 2008, Yan Oi Tong began promoting the "3C" concept, which integrates communication, collaboration and creativity into early childhood curriculum. In the first phase, “Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund” cooperated with the Education University of Hong Kong to assess learn-through-play teaching models. In the second phase, with the support of the Quality Education Fund, we trained our teachers to implement the "3C" philosophy in our curriculum through action-based teaching models.

After 10 years of joint efforts, the third phase was launched. Yan Oi Tong combined research findings with practical experience to extend our scope to "Parent Training" and "Teacher Learning" while staying close to our "3C” and "teacher training" foundation. Through workshops, practical courses, and class observations, the project focused on teaching through play across different learning areas and models. Research will also be underway to examine the performance of children at school versus at home, so as to measure the effectiveness of the entire program, which will help optimize the content of the "3C curriculum”.

Mobile Education Vehicle Pilot Program

Caring for Children with Special Educational Needs

Committed to caring for children with special educational needs, Yan Oi Tong is striving to serving them better by launching the “Yan Oi Tong Music and Art Courses and Research Program for Young Children” and “Yan Oi Tong “Start from Love” Music and Arts Therapy Pilot Program” to promote children's cognitive ability, muscle size and coordination, language learning and emotional expression through various musical and artistic activities.

In response to the Government and the industry’s feasibility study of using mobile vehicles to provide training for children with special educational needs, Yan Oi Tong is planning to purchase a fairy tale castle-themed music and art mobile education vehicle that will integrate electronic technology and educational support. Powered by solar energy, the vehicle will be equipped with electronic screens, portable musical instruments, audio equipment, etc., as well as a “Sharing Corner”, where users will be able to exchange views and information in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

In addition to providing individuals and groups a range of musical or art therapy services and follow-ups, the Education Vehicle will also collaborate with universities and e-education developers to create an electronic assessment and mobile educational game program for special needs children of different ages, to deliver treatment advices to parents and caregivers, and to administer preliminary assessments to aid early identification and intervention.

Pilot STEM Education Program for Children

Adopting Food Science as the Research Theme

In recent years, Hong Kong's primary and secondary schools have actively promoted STEM Education to foster students' interest in learning, enhance creativity, improve problem-solving skills, and to develop innovative thinking through interdisciplinary education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But we believe STEM should not be restricted to primary and secondary schools, as mathematics and natural sciences are core components of early childhood education. Therefore, three of our kindergartens - Ngan Po Ling Kindergarten, Tin Ka Ping Kindergarten and Ng Wong Fung Ying Kindergarten - are developing STEM-inspired food science projects, where students will get the opportunity to explore topics such as plant photosynthesis, the basic structure of plants and the nutritional content of different foods through fun games and five senses. We hope they will help young children understand the connection between life and technology, be inspired to learn more about food science, and cultivate an environmental awareness of food.

The 8th Continent Exploration Tour

Getting out of the Classroom to Investigate Biodiversity

Education is the foundation of knowledge and that’s why environmental education is a necessary part of environmental protection. Since 2010, “Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure” environmental study tours have led nearly 200 students to travel overseas with the support of “Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund” and our other donors. Performing field research and data collection, students get the opportunity to personally experience the impact of global warming on the environment, while learning how to achieve sustainable urban development and raising awareness about the importance of conservation.

For the upcoming “Yan Oi Tong The 8th Continent Exploration Tour”, we are planning expand the environmental education map to Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island known as the "8th continent" by ecologists. By giving high school students the opportunity to explore biodiversity in this unique ecosystem while also experiencing hands-on the impact of global warming, we are fostering a new generation committed to fight for environmental protection and conservation.

Good Life Rainbow Project

Promoting the Education of the Elderly

"Life and death" are inevitable stages of life. Dying gracefully is the wish of everyone. To promote “life and death” education amongst the elderly, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Yan Oi Tong Hong Kong Toi Shan Association Neighbourhood Elderly Centre received funding from the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries Fund to implement the “Good Life Rainbow Project”, which aims at enhancing the elderly's understanding of future planning. The project will educate the elderly on making proper end-of-life arrangements from how to care for dying people, the differences between “living will”, “will” and “last will”, to how to conduct green funeral and donate organs. Participants will also receive a memoirs album with their portrait photos, and be taught how to "live in the moment" and cherish family time.

Promote Intergenerational Integration

Enhancing Elderly Knowledge on Technology

As part of our advocacy for an age-friendly city, Yan Oi Tong’s elderly centres hosted a range of activities as part of our commitment to the “Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project”. These include “Digital Inclusion in the Community for Elders”, a project which gathered a group of elderly people to film a series of learning videos, and act as “Digital KOLs” to educate peers on digital communications. Meanwhile, the “Star Cloud Promoting Health in the Community Program for Elders” connected disadvantaged seniors to a cloud-based health monitoring service to ensure early detection of health issues via remote data analysis. The project also conducted workshops on early prevention of health crises. Another project called “Smart & Fun Elderly” recruited elderly ambassadors to participate in street exhibitions and interactive workshops to boost awareness about cognitive impairment, and help identify sufferers of this condition. Lastly, “Kind Community in Yuen Long “ promotes intergenerational integration through a series activities aimed at encouraging the elderly to learn about the interests of young people, such as digital technology, sports and adventures games, in an effort to foster respect and tolerance between generations.

Service Teams Dedicated to the Elderly

Optimizing Elderly Centre Amenities

In order to cope with increasing demand for elderly services, Yan Oi Tong is committed to delivering better community support services for older members of our ageing society, through both hardware and software enhancement.

In order to strengthen our network and expand our service areas, “Inspiring Elders’ Potential Service Program” is a project to be implemented across our seven elderly centres, will recruit and train seniors, retirees, women and young people who are interested to join service teams dedicated to helping the elderly.

The Social Welfare Department’s “Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care” has allocated HK4.25 million over the next 5 years to support our Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly, District Elderly Community Centres, Neighbourhood Elderly Centres, Day Care Units for the Elderly, Enhanced Home and Community Care Services, Integrated Home Care Services and Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly – Day Care Units. Funds will be used to acquire or lease technology equipment to improve the quality of life of service users as well as to reduce the burden placed on caregivers and carers.

Open Third Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly – Day Care Unit

Comprehensive Support for Patients with Cognitive Impairment

Held in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long Shui Pin Wai Estates, our two Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly – Day Care Units have been well received by the community since their launch, while also winning the accolade of the Social Welfare Department. Yan Oi Tong (Yuen Long) Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly - Day Care Unit is particularly unique in Hong Kong as it operates an inclusive service that bring seniors and young people together as part of an integrated community. To cater for more people with cognitive impairment, Yan Oi Tong will open the third centre of its kind in Yan Oi Tong Rainbow Community Integrated Development Centre, and provide an additional 20 places to elderly people in the district.

New Fitness Training Centre

Taking Care of the Public's Physical and Mental Health

Yan Oi Tong is delighted to have received the approval of the Tuen Mun District Lands Office for a change of usage plan for the second floor of our Tuen Mun headquarters. The bowling complex, with a total area of about 25,000 square feet, can now be converted into a fitness and training centre, which will help us promote our “Healthy with Positive Energy” campaign by offering popular exercises such as yoga, boxing and fitness training. It will also give members of the public the opportunity to exercise in a comfortable, spacious environment. The new “Yan Oi Tong Lo Tai Chin Caring Foundation (Mental Health)” will also introduce various healthy living campaigns to help the community de-stress through physical exercises.

On the other hand, a new training centre will help meet the increasing demand for adult training courses and job referral services in New Territories West. The new services offered are no doubt great news for the unemployed, underemployed and low-income people seeking better employment opportunities.

United with Stand

Serving the Public Together

These great achievements are never the work of a sole individual. Our new board members and I sincerely hope we will continue to receive unwavering support from the government, like-minded organizations and the general public in the coming year. Together, we can bring better and more diverse services to our citizens. Together, we can unit our society and build a better tomorrow for all. Thank you.


Mr LIN Cheuk Fung, Chairperson of the 40th Term Board of Directors