Our Services
Yan Oi Tong Clarea Au Eldergarten
Centre website:http://clareaaueldergarten.yot.org.hk

General Facts
Owing to the severe ageing problem in Hong Kong, more and more patients are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (dementia). With the full support from the Charles K. Kao Foundation, we established the first day care centre for dementia patients, providing patients with day care and trainings and offering counselling and caring skill trainings to their families and carers.

Our Mission
Yan Oi Tong Clarea Au Eldergarten’s purpose is CARES. It hopes to raise the public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and eventually achieve ageing in place.

Target Group
Dementia patients and their family members (carers)

Service Content

Services for Dementia patients

  • Day care and training services provide appropriate and diversified day training and care for dementia patients by professional evaluation to slow down the rate of brain degeneration, maintain self-care ability, meanwhile alleviate the burden of family.
  • Day respite care service
  • Testing service for dementia
  • Memory Clinic provides diagnosis, treatments and referral services (if necessary) by psychogeriatrians
  • Enables early diagnosis, and thereby maintains or improves the living standards of the patients.
  • Medication Subsidy Scheme (to be launched)

Services for the Family of the Dementia Patients

  • Charles Kao Brain Health Program provides comprehensive physical and mental health assessment and diverse psychological counselling for dementia carers to ease their pressure and strengthen their mental health.
  • Caring skills training
  • Volunteer development and trainings
  • Resources Centre provides information and publications about dementia for reading, retail sales of medical and health products

Outreaching services

  • Outreaching assessment, education and trainings
  • Home assessment and trainings
  • Mobile exhibitions

Service Hours

Monday to Saturday – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.